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The People Have Spoken - Cut Reviews Part 1

The People Have Spoken - Cut Reviews Part 1

Receiving feedback from various sources it what we live for.  The goal for us is to make the Best Damn Golf Ball under $20.  And we believe we can do that for every type of golfer.  Enough from us on the subject, here's what a few of our customers are saying about the balls...

"Got the 3-piece gray yesterday, 9 hole league today. Shot 4 over, with my longest drive being 275 - and I am 67 years old.  Goodbye ProV1X, hello Cut, will be order again better than Snell too!" - WD

"Well yesterday was a success!  Shout out to @the_buttsy for recommending @cutgolf golf balls! Couldn't tell a difference from the Pro V1x and posted my best score of the year (71).  And they're less than half of the price! Really fun day." - The Walking Guy

"Cut Golf is a better ball, and costs less than Vice" - Charlie from instagram