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Cut Grey

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QuantityOne Dozen

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Cut Grey golf ball is designed for players with moderate swing speeds who demand maximum performance. Specifically, Cut Grey is our softer compression affordable 3-piece golf ball. Ideal for intermediates, rising stars, and short-game addicts, it caters to those with mid swing speeds and an average score of 85-95.

This 3-piece golf ball offers impressive long-distance and the softest feel, like butter, thanks to its 3-piece urethane technology and 314 dimples. Competing with balls like PXG Xtreme, Cut Grey delivers high-end performance without the high-end price tag.

Experience top-notch performance with Cut Grey while enjoying 37% savings compared to competitors. This means more money for post-round celebrations, tipping the cart attendant, or upgrading your golf gear. Play smarter and save with Cut Grey!

  • 3-Piece Construction
  • Urethane Cover
  • Core and Mantle designed for optimal ball speed and spin
  • 314 Dimple Pattern
  • 80 Compression
  • USGA Conforming

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Smile! If you aren’t fully satisfied with your Cut Grey 3 piece golf ball purchase within 30 days of receipt, we will gladly work with you to ensure you are satisfied. 

Cut Grey

$24.95 Regular price

Cut Grey Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 298 reviews
Customer (Donna, TX)
Great balls

I'm a 20 handicap. These balls bounce off the driver and perform great with the irons and excellent on the greens. I don't have a fast swing speed, so these work we'll for me and the price is geat also

Daniel Lowry (Phoenix, AZ)
A big difference

Tried the Cut Grey on a whim after playing the matte orange and yellow balls. Found out I like the Grey a lot more. I have better feel & the ball seems to jump off my clubs. I’m a high handicapper, in my 70s & don’t have any what my swing speed is, but this ball feels great. I would like them even more if they came in orange or yellow - hint hint.


Great ball

We stay true to our core

Developed for crazy soft feel and superhero distance. We keep it simple: 3 layers of goodness at an unbeatable price. You will not find affordable 3 piece golf balls with this much performance.

As seen in

Golfer Holding a Cut Grey Sleeve of Golf Balls Out In Front

enhancing scores with every swing

We've eliminated additional costs to offer high-quality, affordable 3 piece golf balls for optimal performance. Cut Grey is perfect for golfers of every proficiency level.

Yes, that means you!

Image for Video of Club Champions Reviewing Cut Golf Balls

Premium Golf Ball Testing

Club Champions Review and Test Our Superb Cut Grey 3 Piece Golf Balls

Cut Grey 3 Piece Golf Balls...

Whats all the fuss about?

We mean it when we say they're good. Like, really good.

Complete with..

Impressive scorecard reductions

With an ultra-durable Tour Quality Urethane cover, Cut Grey affordable 3 piece golf balls are specifically crafted to minimize spin and maximize distance on the course.

Cut Grey Ball Dissected to Show Inner Grey and Lime Green Core
Golfer Holding a Cut Grey Ball With HIs Right Hand

Designed to help you

Improve accuracy & greenside control ⛳️

Experience peak performance on the golf course without breaking the bank. Our Cut Grey 3 piece golf balls are meticulously engineered for players with moderate swing speeds, delivering exceptional quality and precision. Unlock your true potential with Cut Grey.

Let's get you

hitting & feeling the best shot of your life

And don't forget to pose 📸

The urethane cover allows the ball to spin and stop on a dime. It feels crazy good off of every club in your bag. We'll have you feeling like a pro in no time.

Golfer With a Cut Hat Holding a Cut Grey Golf Ball Up Towards the Sun

Don't just take our word for it..

What players say:

Boxes and Sleeves of Cut Grey Golf Balls

These balls were sneaky good! Never heard of cut golf but figured I go with a trial sleeve just for the heck of it. I pulled one out after fading an AVX into the woods and played the same cut grey for the remaining 14 holes. What a pleasant surprise in all phases of the game. Straight, far and true. Definitely using more of these n ‘24!

Zach P.
Verified Customer
Cut Grey Golf Ball Sitting on a Putting Green With a Flag In the Distance

Best Ball for the Money. As far as 3 piece golf balls are concerned, these Cut Grey balls are the best value for the money. Coming in at about half the cost of ProV1s, while offering nearly 98% of the performance, playing Cut Grey is an easy choice for the amateur golfer. Try them, and I'll bet you agree.

Dennis N
Verified Customer
Box of Cut Grey Yellow Balls With an Open Sleeve Next To It and 3 Balls In Front Of It

This is a great ball for the money. I used to be a good golfer, but have been playing terribly for the past year. I usually lose one or two balls a round, and losing a $4.00 golf ball is frustrating. I am an 11 handicap and an older guy. I am a 7 iron to 150 guy, so you can compare to that. If you are a 9 iron or wedge to 150. They go long and hold well for me.

Kenneth Powell
Verified Customer

"This is the first time we’ve seen the biggest Brands market leading designs out-performed in areas they’re supposed to dominate, which is a milestone."

Cut Grey Golf Balls Comparison Chart Compared to Vice and Callaway

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