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Cut DC Goes Head-To-Head with Titleist Pro V1x

Cut DC Goes Head-To-Head with Titleist Pro V1x

Today's Golfer Magazine did a head-to-head test of Cut DC and Cut Blue against Titleist's Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

Here is what they found:

Cut DC: 42% cheaper than a Titleist Pro V1x
Cut DC: 1.4% more driver carry distance than the comparable Pro V1x (5.4% more than the Pro V1)
Cut DC: Equal iron distance to the comparable Pro V1x (0.6% less than the Pro V1)
Cut DC: 4.5% less wedge spin than the comparable Pro v1x (2.8% less than the Pro V1)


Their final verdict?

"[Cut DC] produced the longest distances with the driver, posting an extra 2.8mph of ball speed and an extra four yards of carry distance over the second longest ball of the four, the Titleist Pro V1x.
It matched the Titleist Pro V1x for distance with irons, and gave up just 375pm of spin on wedge shots. 
Our test pro Neil Wain was bowled over by the high ball flight he generated with his driver using the Cut DC, which he felt would help him carry hazards off the tee."


Read the full results here: TESTED: Cut Golf balls vs. Titleist Pro V1

Purchase Cut DC here: Cut DC, Our Most Advanced Ball