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Cut Red 2 Pice Golf Ball Dissected Showing inner Layers
Cut Red Boxes of Sleeves and Dozen With Balls in Front On Tee Box
Cut Red Golf Ball With An Iron Club Behind It
Cut Red Golf Ball Next to Golf Hole With Pin In It
Golfer Smiling and Holding a Cut Red Golf Ball

Cut Red

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For golfers scoring between 90 and 100+ with lower swing speeds, the Cut Red affordable 2-piece golf ball is your go-to ball. Designed to deliver long-distance drives and a soft feel, this ball is perfect for beginners, weekend warriors, and rising stars. Furthermore, its 2-piece construction with an ionomer cover provides a balanced performance that caters to the needs of those looking to improve their game without breaking the bank.

The Cut Red offers fantastic value, boasting up to 42% savings compared to premium options like Vice Drive and Callaway Warbird. This affordability doesn’t come at the expense of quality. Specifically, Cut Red offers a 60 compression rating and a 320 dimple pattern, the Cut Red ensures optimal aerodynamics and a responsive feel, making it a reliable choice for consistent performance on the course.

More savings mean more fun, allowing you to spend your money picking up the next round of cocktails. With Cut Red, you can swing smart and save big, all while conforming to USGA standards. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your skills, the Cut Red offers the perfect blend of performance and value for an enjoyable golfing experience.

  • 2-Piece Construction
  • Ionomer Cover
  • 60 Compression
  • 320 Dimple Pattern
  • USGA Conforming
  • White Glossy Finish

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Smile! If you aren’t fully satisfied with your Cut Red purchase within 30 days of receipt, we will gladly work with you to ensure you are satisfied. 

Cut Red

$6.00 Regular price

Cut Red Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 249 reviews
Lemar P. (Colonial Heights, VA)
We found each other

I was playing a tournament in a prime course, when I fount this golf ball while looking for my ProV1 at the edge of the three line. The ball look almost new, has no other marking but “Cut”…so I keep it in my bag. When I was facing a tee position with water in both side before reaching the fairway in about 169 yards forward. Very narrow shot, so I grab the Cut ball in case something happen I did not want it to loose my “expensive” ProV1”. When I hit that shot with the shot I felt a solid contact that I do not remember felt before. Very straight and far reaching a flying trajectory of about 190 yards. I played with that only ball the remain of the tournament and two other games with my friends. Bragging about the ball and final performance of my game. I just order 2 dozen of the red to see, the funny part I was ordering only one dozen but my golf buddy who never heard about this ball before told me to ordered one for him as well. Is contagious I tell you. I let you know when I get the balls. Thank you

T.T. (Terre Haute, IN)
love the ball but they need to make them in yellow

i purchased the balls and really enjoyed playing with them but also really like to play yellow balls, so when they decide to make them in yellow i will buy more.


Great balls

**A ball for the people**

Soft-core balls that fly far 💨

Ideal for players with with lower club head speed looking for greater distance and accuracy off the tee.

As seen in

Will this Super CHEAP golf ball Perform?

Mistah Short Hitter tells all...

Golfer Holding a Sleeve of Cut Red Golf Balls

enhancing scores with every swing

We've eliminated additional costs to offer high-quality, 2 piece golf balls at an unbeatable price. Now, optimal performance for golfers of every proficiency level.

Yes, that means you!

A cut above the rest...

Stopppp playing lake balls!

Cut the bullsh*t


Our in-house team of scientists came up with this 2 piece diagram. Cool eh?

Cut Red Golf Ball With Inside Red Core Showing
Image Showing Different Features of the Cut Red Golf Ball

Cheaeper than chips


Our super cheap yet crazy good performance 2 piece golf balls come constructed with a 332 dimple pattern. Furthermore, they are USGA conforming for competition or sanctioned events.

Cut Red Golf Ball On a White Tee With a Driver Next To It

Priced low to

Cut out the middleman

You won't find a higher performing ball for a lower cost per yard. Cut Red 2 piece golf balls come complete with a ultra-durable Ionomer cover to minimize spin and maximize distance ⛳️

Real life reviews

The people have spoken:

Golfer Holding Money He Saved and a Sleeve of Cut Red Golf Balls

Not only will you save money, but you can win money too!! I’ve let others hit them and they have purchased their own!

Ray Y.
Verified Customer
Golfer Grabbing His Cut Red Golf Ball Out of the Hole

Love my Cut Reds! I can swing freely not being worried about losing a $6 ball. I’ve also had 3 holes in one with Red after having none in 48 years. I’m not sure they were because of the ball but………🤗

Larry S.
Verified Customer
Three Amateur Golfers Standing On a Tee

While playing golf with my friends I found a red cut golf ball and continued to use it for the rest of the round had four pars the last five holes ordered three dozen that day last week shot my lowest score 81 thank you cut P S I now have three of my friends using cut blue

Tom B.
Verified Customer

In the 2-piece value ball category it stands up very well we would have no problem playing it.

Cut the crap, here's what the pro's say..

These are their words, not ours...

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How Good Are Cut Red Golf Balls?

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Video Cover Image Of the Golf Ball Addict Cut Red Golf Ball Review

Cut Red Golf Ball Review

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