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Cut Blue 4 Piece Golf Ball Dissected Showing All Layers
Hand Holding Three Cut Blue Dozen Boxes In Front of a Roger Dunn Golf Shop
Golfer Holding a Cut Blue Golf Ball In a Gloved Hand
Cut Blue 4 Piece Golf Ball Being Placed On a Tee
Two Cut Blue Golf Balls Next to Hole and One Cut Blue Ball In the Cup

Cut Blue

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New Design for 2024! Cut Blue is built to elevate your game and ideal for those with an average score of 75-90. Specifically, our affordable 4 piece golf ball delivers optimal distance with woods and irons, a lower ball flight, and improved green-side control. Cut Blue is crafted for experienced golfers, club stars, and all-week golfers with mid to high swing speeds.

Featuring a newly formulated, more durable urethane cover, Cut Blue provides a softer feel and a 314-dimple pattern designed to minimize drag. Most importantly, this ensures a consistent ball flight in all playing conditions. Cut Blue offer long distance drives and a soft touch.

Competing with the likes of Vice Pro Plus, Cut Blue offers 50% savings compared to competitors. This means more funds for post-round celebrations, generous tips for the cart attendant, or upgrading your gear. Play smarter, save big with Cut Blue!

  • 4 Piece Construction
  • Tour Quality Urethane Cover
  • 314 Dimple Pattern
  • 90 Compression
  • USGA Conforming

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Smile! If you aren’t fully satisfied with your Cut Blue 4 piece golf ball purchase within 30 days of receipt, we will gladly work with you to ensure you are satisfied.

Cut Blue

$8.00 Regular price

Cut Blue Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
Brant M. (Bozeman, MT)
Hole in one ball!

I’ve been playing cut blues all year this year. Had my first hole in one with a cut blue on a 170 yard par 3. I guess I will have to play them forever now.

n.s. (Corpus Christi, TX)
I’m impressed

Super I’m pressed with the distance that I got. To be honest they were better than the Pro V1 that are so much more expensive. Will be ordering more.


Can’t wait to use them

Cut Blue Golf Ball On a White Background

Is this...


Designed to deliver optimal distance with woods and irons, lower ball flight, and improved green-side control ⛳️

As seen in

Video Cover Image of Golfer Matt Fryer Reviewing the Cut Blue Ball


Watch Matt Fryer Sizes Up Cut Blue

Three Cut Blue Golf Balls Out of a Sleeve With Box Next To It


We've removed additional costs to offer quality 4 piece golf balls at an unbeatable price for optimal performance for golfers of every proficiency level.

This means everyone, including you.

Cut Blue...

We talk the talk, but can we walk the walk?

You'd better believe it..

4-piece construction

Cut Magic on the inside

Equals magic on the course.

Our affordable 4 piece urethane construction golf ball is perfect for golfers at any skill level!

Cut Blue Golf Ball Dissected to See All Layers
Three Cut Blue Golf Balls On a White Background

hit them

Further than the eye can see

Cut Blue contains a brand new 314 dimple pattern. Specifically, it is designed to minimize drag. This results in a more consistent ball flight and distance.

Allowing you to:

play like the pro you were born to be 🏌🏻‍♂️

Cut Blue is specifically crafted to minimize spin and maximize distance on the course. Are you ready to improve accuracy, green-side control, and showcase some impressive scorecard reductions?

Right Hand Holding a Cut Affordable Golf Ball

Don't just take our word for it..

Player feedback:

Amateur Golfer Holding a Cut Blue Golf Ball in Front of Him

You're not going to notice much of a difference between the "most played" golf ball on tour and the Cut Blue. I sit at a 15 HC and have played both. I recently played a tournament using the same ball for the entire round. The ball performed great.

Cliff O.
Verified Customer
Cut Blue Golf Ball Being Held In a Brown Golf Glove

You cannot beat these for the price. No way. If I swing hard on my drive, the ball goes 275 yds with 250 yds carry. A medium swing produces 250 yds carry. I had one drive measured at 300 yds (with a good wind). They land soft on the greens and stick. I've hit many trees with them and they hold up well. I don't mind losing them in water and forests.

Andy C.
Verified Customer
Golfer Squatting Down Next To His Cut Blue Ball Pointing At the Camera

This ball is worth the price when compared to other "player" golf balls. I'm a decent player (10+/-), played in very wet and soft conditions and was surprised with both distance and spin I got out of the Cut Blue. Compared to my Bridgestone/Srixon, ball flight and distance were on the same page. The amount of SPIN is incredible.

Art I.
Verified Customer

"These balls have been expertly crafted to deliver unmatched performance, giving you the edge you need to dominate the competition."

Still dont believe us?

We get it, you need more proof. Well, don't just take our word for it...

Video Image of Mr. Short Game Reviewing the Cut Blue Golf Ball

Is This The Best Golf Ball for Your Money?

Watch MrShortGame take the test

Video Image of James Robinson Reviewing the Cut Blue Ball


James Robinson puts them through their paces

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