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Lemar P. (Colonial Heights, VA)
We found each other

I was playing a tournament in a prime course, when I fount this golf ball while looking for my ProV1 at the edge of the three line. The ball look almost new, has no other marking but “Cut”…so I keep it in my bag. When I was facing a tee position with water in both side before reaching the fairway in about 169 yards forward. Very narrow shot, so I grab the Cut ball in case something happen I did not want it to loose my “expensive” ProV1”. When I hit that shot with the shot I felt a solid contact that I do not remember felt before. Very straight and far reaching a flying trajectory of about 190 yards. I played with that only ball the remain of the tournament and two other games with my friends. Bragging about the ball and final performance of my game. I just order 2 dozen of the red to see, the funny part I was ordering only one dozen but my golf buddy who never heard about this ball before told me to ordered one for him as well. Is contagious I tell you. I let you know when I get the balls. Thank you

T.T. (Terre Haute, IN)
love the ball but they need to make them in yellow

i purchased the balls and really enjoyed playing with them but also really like to play yellow balls, so when they decide to make them in yellow i will buy more.


Great balls