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Don't be fooled by the price tag - these puppies perform as good as big brands...
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Customer Reviews

Based on 270 reviews
Good ball, TERRIBLE customer service!

I tried the cut grey and enjoyed them so I ordered 5 dozen of them on May 12th. Well after 7-8 days and no communication I contacted them. No where on their site does it say it’s a 7-10 business day processing time. So I canceled the order before they were shipped. Here it’s now June 14th and still no refund! While I found the ball to be a decent ball the communication from them is TERRIBLE as is their processing times. This should have been settled a long time ago!

Great balls

I'm a 20 handicap. These balls bounce off the driver and perform great with the irons and excellent on the greens. I don't have a fast swing speed, so these work we'll for me and the price is geat also

Daniel Lowry
A big difference

Tried the Cut Grey on a whim after playing the matte orange and yellow balls. Found out I like the Grey a lot more. I have better feel & the ball seems to jump off my clubs. I’m a high handicapper, in my 70s & don’t have any what my swing speed is, but this ball feels great. I would like them even more if they came in orange or yellow - hint hint.

What the Pro's say:

Premium Golf Ball Testing

Club Champions review and test our superb Cut Grey Golf Balls

Crazy Good Value

Why pay more for your golf balls? We cut out unnecessary expenses to save you money and provide you with tour-quality balls for less.

Tour Performance

Trakman Data shows Cut golf balls are designed and tested to deliver optimal performance for golfers of all skill levels.

Premium Quality

Manufactured in the same damn factory to the exact standards as the BIG-BIG brands. We're not here to mess around.


Cut Grey Golf Balls are designed for players with moderate swing speeds who demand maximum performance.


With an ultra-durable Tour Quality Urethane cover, Greys are specifically crafted to minimize spin and maximize distance on the course.


And don't forget to pose 📸 The urethane cover allows the ball to spin and stop on a dime. It feels crazy good off of every club in your bag. We'll have you feeling like a pro in no time.

Our Principles


Developed for crazy soft feel and superhero distance. We keep it simple here: three layers of goodness at an unbeatable price.

What customers say

These balls were sneaky good! Never heard of cut golf but figured I go with a trial sleeve just for the heck of it.

I pulled one out after fading an AVX into the woods and played the same cut grey for the remaining 14 holes. What a pleasant surprise in all phases of the game. Straight, far and true. Definitely using more of these n ‘24!

Best Ball for the Money. As far as 3-piece urethane balls are concerned, these Cut Grey balls are the best value for the money. Coming in at about half the cost of ProV1s, while offering nearly 98% of the performance, playing Cut Grey is an easy choice for the amateur golfer. Try them, and I'll bet you agree.

This is a great ball for the money. I used to be a good golfer, but have been playing terribly for the past year. I usually lose one or two balls a round, and losing a $4.00 golf ball is frustrating. I am an 11 handicap and an older guy. I am a 7 iron to 150 guy, so you can compare to that. If you are a 9 iron or wedge to 150. They go long and hold well for me.

Cut Grey is a very good golf ball. 3 piece construction is perfect for my game. Feel is great! Greenside spin is optimal. Great ball exceptional value

I didn’t think it would make much of a difference and maybe it was a mental thing, but I played my best round the first time playing with these balls.

Senior golfer, slow swing speed, great off driver, enjoy a little extra spin around the greens.

Great ball, has above average distance and control. Definitely the best ball for the price on the market.



Cut Blue

We didn't mess around with the Blues. They're epic.

Cut Red

Priced like lake balls, but play like a premium ball...

Cut DC

Golf Digests Hot List with Dual Core technology for absurd value!

Choose the Cut Matte Golf Ball if You Love Color and Need To Find Most of Your Balls
Choose the Cut Matte Golf Ball if You Love Color and Need To Find Most of Your Balls

Cut Matte

Our Matte finish delivers accuracy & green-side control.