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The Hacker's Paradise - Cut Matte Golf Balls Review

The Hacker's Paradise - Cut Matte Golf Balls Review

Cut Matte Golf Balls Review

written by Gary C. May 16, 2019

The Quick Take:

Cut Matte balls bring some eye-popping colors to the course with an eye-popping low price tag to match. With matte offerings in white, orange, yellow, and pink, the Cut Matte balls are 3-piece ionomer covered balls with a soft 65 compression that look and feel great on the course.  Whether you like bright colors, need help seeing the ball in the air, need help finding the ball in the rough, or just like to make a statement with your golf ball, Cut Matte has an option that might work well for you.

Cut Matte Golf Balls:

Spring is slowly turning to summer and bright colors are finally emerging from the long-dormant plants on the golf courses.  To match the bright flowers (and maybe even some still hidden Easter eggs), Cut Golf sent some Cut Matte golf balls in for review.

Cut Golf is a relatively known commodity by golfers these days, but its business model sets it apart from many of its competitors.  With each dozen of anyball they sell being available for less than $20, the message is quite clear – Cut Golf wants to provide quality balls at reasonable prices for the typical golfer that may lose several balls a round.

The matte balls in for review is their answer to competing in the colored ball market and they reallystand out on the course.  Although the balls come in yellow, orange, and pink, the colors share the same basic ball composition – an ionomer cover, 65 compression, 3-piece construction, and a 314 dimple pattern. At 65 compression, they certainly feel plenty soft at impact.

My first impression of the Cut Matte balls came from the packaging and its imagery of ice cream and candy.  The packaging, with its designs containing orange popsicles, pink bubblegum, and lemon candy, alludes to what you are getting right away – fun and bright colored golf balls.  But open up the box and what you find are incrediblybright golf balls.  Like, really blindingly bright.  For example, the yellow ball is so bright that you almost don’t see the dimples. While there may be some balls on the market that are as bright as these, I haven’t seen any brighter.

On the course, the performance was exactly what I expected. The balls were plenty long off the tee (more or less the same as my gamer) and with good stopping power on the greens. And thanks to the bipolar nature of this spring, I was able to test them in both firm and soft conditions.

In the firmer conditions, I saw a few yards of rollout on the greens from iron shots and it was a bit more than I would want during my normal rounds.  In the softer and neutral conditions, I saw very little rollout on the greens, and the Cut Matte performed great.  Obviously, this is a determination for each individual player depending on course conditions but in typical conditions I found the Cut Matte to be very playable tee to green on full shots.  However, as an ionomer ball, there was a noticeable increase in rollout on pitch shots and chips, but this will only impact players who frequently rely on extra spin green-side. Needless to say, it didn’t change my game a whole lot.

The real allure of the Cut Matte balls is that they reallystand out with visibility.  If the ball is in the boundaries of the golf course, you will most likely find it (including possibly from space).  Because of this, several people with vision issues that I asked to play the ball for a few holes really loved them.  And unlike many of the colored balls on the market, the matte finish has a unique texture and look that pops a bit more than most of its competitors in the colored ball market.

My time with the balls, however, wasn’t all ice cream and candy.  While I love the matte finish, it does show some wear after repeated short iron/wedge shots and some balls had minor blemishes right out of the box. None of these issues appeared to impact play outdoors, but it gave me some pause to see minor blemishes out of the package.

Because the Cut Matte balls are unique and bright, I wanted to get a lot of opinions.  One of my favorite parts of this process was seeing other players react to them.  Some absolutely loved the bright colors while traditionalists were almost universally turned off immediately.  Although they proved divisive, several testers with slower swing speeds saw noticeable improvement in the few holes they played.  In fact, one person asked me if they were legal balls – seriously. Of course, the Cut Matte balls are USGA conforming but I had to figure out why he would need to ask! In short, he couldn’t believe his shots were staying in play more frequently and were traveling at least half a club longer.  When he learned the price, he made sure to get their website to buy some.

The Cut Matte golf balls are a fun, bright, and quality offering in the golf ball market.  At less than $20 a dozen, it’s a series of balls that should appeal to the majority of golfers out there.  Just imagine – buy a ball with a great price and use the bright colors to be able to find it no matter where it may end up. That sounds like a great deal to me. You can learn more about Cut Golf at or discuss the Cut Matte balls on the THP forum here.

The Details:

Availability – Available at and select online retailers

Cost – $19.95

Matte Colors – Orange, Yellow, Pink, and White

Tech Specs – 3-piece Ionomer, 65 compression