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Sick of paying for expensive golf balls? Yeah, us too.

Here Are 5 Amazing Reasons Why You'll Love CUT Golf's Performance Golf Balls

Cut DC Dual Core 4 Piece Golf Ball On Tee With Driver Next To It

1. Big Secret: Big Brands Shop where we do

Our Balls Are Made By The Same Factories As The Big Brands. This means you're paying more for the exact same balls as the leading brands, solely for the name. This is just silly. Please don't be that guy.

2. Cut Golf Balls have important stuff inside

Cut Golf Balls come fully loaded with technology to make them fly the farthest. We're not joking here, each of our Balls arrive jam packed with the latest tech. The clincher is, you don't need to pay a premium to benefit.

Cut Blue Golf Ball On a White Background
Two Golfer Holding Cut DC Golf Balls In Front of Them Next to the Pin

3. Have More fun with your golf buddies

Sick of losing expensive golf balls to avoid playing duds? Now you can play premium golf balls for the price of duds. Stop the worrying about losing balls already! We gotcha'!

4. Multi-Award Winning Ranges

Golf Digest doesn't just pick ANY ball to win their Hot List. Cut Golf Balls pack a punch and keep up with the biggest brands out there. Stop paying more, for less.

The Cut DC Ball With 2020 Golf Digest Award Logo On Top

5. We have the perfect ball for your game. Seriously.

One of the hard parts of finding the right Golf Ball online is knowing which ranges are best for you. We've made it easy by distilling all of the required information into our Quiz that you can take to get a personalized ball fit test just for you below:

Don't Just Take Our Word For it...

Ready to get fitted?

Play the right ball to suit YOUR game and save a miniature fortune at the same time...