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Golf Gear Weekly Q&A

Golf Gear Weekly Q&A

Sam Uisprapassorn | Founder and CEO | Cut Golf



As Founder and CEO of Cut Golf, Sam Uisprapassorn has brought his branding, quality assurance and distribution knowledge to the golf industry. Uisprapassorn has spent years in the entertainment (Interscope, Geffen and A&M) and solar industries creating world-wide exposure and distribution to those entities. As Cut Golf heads into its second year of business, Uisprapassorn has been at the forefront of creating three and four-piece urethane golf balls for $19.95 giving consumers a quality ball at a value price.


Just like the rest of the golf nuts out there I am too an avid golfer. Like any golfer, I found that inconsistency in my game can lead to losing expensive golf balls. One afternoon at my home track, Strawberry Farms, epiphany struck after a bad round of golf.  I’m going to make the “best damn golf balls under $20”.  A golf ball for the people, saving golfers money every single day – without compromising quality or performance.



You wake up in the morning what’s the driving passion?

To build Cut Golf into a mainstream golf brand that delivers exceptional products to golfers of all skillsets at an incredible value.

What was the genesis for Cut golf balls?

I love the game of golf.  I was playing frequently, and spending a fortune on overpriced golf balls. Was the quality there? Sure. But there had to be a better way to deliver the quality at a better price.  It was that simple.

How long was the process from the origin of the idea to the actual rollout of the product?

October 2016 was the birthdate of the idea, to March 21, 2017 launched online.

How was the name determined?

We Cut costs. A Cut is the most controlled golf shot in the game.  And “to cut” is an athletic motion. It seemed to work on all ends for us.

Where is the golf ball produced?

After a rigorous vetting process, we chose a factory in Taiwan that has a capacity for growth, industry leading R&D capabilities, and adheres to strict quality control measures.

Describe who your core customer is?

Anyone willing to have an open mind and give a new brand a shot. If we want to look at averages it would be your 25-40 year old male, who are internet savvy, and wanting to save some cash.

In what outlets are you selling the product — brick and mortar, online, green grass shops?

Strictly direct to consumer – with a move into brick and mortar and green grass in 2019.

Many companies tour customer service as a central component in how they attract and keep customers. Define the term and the approach you take in dealing with this topic?

Customer service becomes our number one priority anytime it comes up. We ourselves are customers of our own product. Our entire team is on board with this approach, and we feel strongly that we lead by example in this sector — great answer!

The biggest short and long term challenges facing Cut is what? 

Challenges are welcomed. Short term, I would have to go with brand recognition and understanding the value they receive when they choose Cut. Long term would simply be to maximize our audience through other sales channels and product offerings

Best advice you ever received – what was it and who was it from?

My favorite college professor, Cory O’Connor and he told me this regarding leadership, “It’s always lonely at the top”.  What I took from that, was that if I want to succeed, and I want to be my best, there will be times when I have to put myself on an island to push through challenges. However, it’s those times that will differentiate me from the rest.  With that, I hope to differentiate Cut Golf from the rest.


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