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A Note from the Founder

Posted by The Management on

Founded in 2016, Cut Golf was born from one man's rising frustration with the ridiculous cost of quality golf balls. Tired of losing one expensive golf ball after another, I decided that there had to be a better way to purchase quality golf balls at a reasonable price. Thus began my pursuit of the best damn golf ball under 20 bucks.

Cut Golf is a group of guys who believe that high quality golf balls don't need to be expensive. Through extensive robotic and real world Trackman testing, we developed our line-up with all types of golfers in mind. By pairing our quality product with an efficient business model, we are able to offer savings without compromising performance. Cut truly offers a ball for all skill levels and budgets. A ball for the people.

Just like you, we are passionate golfers, looking to save some dough and enjoy our time on the course. We hope to share our passion with you guys. It's time to Cut the Crap and start getting quality performance for less.

Sam U. - Founder Cut Golf

Wes Deitz

November 27, 2018

The ball I have been buying is cutgolfco3s. I don’t see that on your site now. Please advise. Thanks Wes.

Paul G

November 27, 2018

Hey Sam
Big Congrats for the idea :)
Just Please next time You going to release Your picture
make sure You will not have a logo of the biggest thief in the world
on Your chest. Thanks
Let me know when You will start doing logo balls so I can use it on my events
around the world.

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